Logic Design for Array-Based Circuits

by Donnamaie E. White

Copyright © 1996, 2001, 2002, 2008, 2016 Donnamaie E. White, WhitePubs Enterprises, Inc.


Design Submission

Last Edit September 2, 2001

  • Array Series and Specific Array

    Clearly identify which array family and which array within that family is the one used for this design. The selection should match the chip macro identification.

  • Macro Library Version (required identification)

    The macro library: release version number is on the label of the release media and on the upper right hand corner of the chip macros. The version used for the drawings and all execution files must be supplied on the submission checklist. Designers should always verify that they have the latest version of a library immediately prior to beginning schematic capture.

  • MacroMatrix Release Version

  • The MacroMatrix: release number may vary from the library release. Supply this number on the checklist.

  • EWS System Operating System and Software Version

    AMCC-system release compatibility is defined in the Operation and Installation section of the AMCC Design Manual and is the minimum release level that is compatible with the AMCC MacroMatrix package. Where a CAD/CAE software package is available on several platforms, that information is also clearly defined.

  • Index file for Floppy DIsks; Tapes (required)

    Each floppy disk (tape) submitted must contain its own text index file (read.me) listing all files contained on that disk (tape), with a description of each file. Each disk (tape) should be clearly labeled as to its name and contents. All file names should be meaningful. One disk (tape) should contain a master index file listing all disk (tape) files and their contents. A hardcopy of this master index file should also be submitted.

    All files should be on AMCC-readable magnetic media.

  • Schematic Drawing Pages (may be required)

    The final versions of all submitted schematic pages are to be on both magnetic media and in hardcopy format. Two sets of the printed schematics (minimum) are required; three sets for non-EWS schematics. One set must be clearly marked (highlighted) to show AC Test paths and critical paths. Label AC Test paths with the documentation AC Test number. Label the critical paths with the timing correlation report path number.

  • AGIF Netlist - circuit.sdi (required)

    The final version of the AGIF (AMCC Generic Interface Format) netlist that was used as input to the MacroMatrix AMCCERC,

    AMCCANN, AMCCSIMFMT, AMCCVRC and AMCCSUBMIT programs must be included on the media (disk or tape). They require the use of the AGIF netlist. The netlist file is called circuit.sdi and is located in the .../ERC subdirectory. There should only be one of these files for any given set of simulations running on the same library (MILMAX, etc.)

  • AMCCERC (Rules Check) Report (required)

    The printed AMCCERC report, AMCCERC.LST, must be submitted with the hardcopy and media documentation. Any error messages must be accompanied with an AMCC waiver (approved Pre-Approval Request or PAR) and a description as to their intended resolution. [Page 6-A-1; 6-A-2]

Copyright © 1996, 2001, 2002, 2008, 2016 Donnamaie E. White , WhitePubs Enterprises, Inc.
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