Logic Design for Array-Based Circuits

by Donnamaie E. White

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Design Submission

Last Edit September 2, 2001

At-Speed Simulation Submission (Required)

The submitted at-speed simulation is rerun after layout to verify the actual timing performance for the array. The Back-Annotation delay file, which provides the actual metal delays for the layout, is used in place of the Front-Annotation delay file. The circuit.pkg file provides package pin capacitance based on final placement to replace the estimates for package pin capacitance in the output.dly file.

At-speed simulation results provide an evaluation of the timing performance and help identify timing violations and potential timing problems. The customer must supply all at-speed simulation vectors.

AMCC requires that at-speed simulations be performed at the specified maximum operating frequency, and be performed using the minimum library and then again using the maximum worst-case library. Refer to Volume I, Section 3 for the specific series to determine which library is maximum and which minimum for the array.

The at-speed simulation, if required, should be performed following the procedures described in the design manual.

At-Speed Simulation Documentation

The documentation required for at-speed simulation submission is prompted for by the AMCCSUBMIT program interface. Before running AMCCSUBMIT, simulation files for the paths, both in sampled and in print-on-change format should exist. All AMCCSUBMIT errors should be resolved prior to submission.

Documentation included on disk or tape for the sampled at-speed simulation file includes:

  • the file number (1..n); no paging of at-speed files is required or necessary;
  • the sampled AMCCSIMFMT file
  • whether this was a MIN or MAX simulation; PRODUCT_GRADE is prompted on the form header (identifies the annotation file);
  • the simulation control file name;
  • the simulation input file name, if any;
  • the simulation command file name which may be submit procedures, a transcript of system operation during simulation, including VIEW, RUN, START, LIST, WRITE, etc. statements as required for the specific system;
  • the name of the text file version of the data or the control file which clearly describes the testing performed;
  • the timing check report for the file (all simulations done for submission use timing checks active).

Documentation included on disk or tape for the print on change at-speed simulation file includes:

  • everything included to document the sampled at-speed simulation except that the sampled AMCCSIMFMT file is replaced by the print on change AMCCSIMFMT file.

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