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ILT to eLearning Conversion Guide

Notes on an actual conversion ILT to eLearning

a WhitePubs® Book


Logic Design for Array-Based Circuits

Academic Press
Used Hardcover at Amazon.com
eBook at dacafe.com
What we did before we had EDA -
Schematic capture to wafer fab

a WhitePubs® Book

If you design today - you may not have a good overview of all the pieces or why we did what we did then and you do what you do now. Good overview of the physical design issues as well as the logical design issues.

This book will show you how to approach the design covering everything from the circuit specification to the final design acceptance, including what support you can expect, sizing, timing analysis, power and packaging, various simulations, design verification, and design submission. FIVE STARS

The Bipolar designers faced tough design issues long before they cropped up in the CMOS world.

Bit-Slice Design: Controllers and ALUs

Garland STPM Press
out of print, often at Amazon.com Used books
eBook at dacafe.com

4 1/2 STARS

Will be reissued:

a WhitePubs® Book

AMD 2900 Family Bible - supports current IP

Introduction to Bit-Slice Design: Controllers and Sequencers

a WhitePubs® Book

Advanced Logical Circuit Design Techniques

Garland STPM Press
out of print (see below)

Draft PDF file from new conversion NEW
Or download by chapter (at the right)
Mix of re-typing and scans
The APL programs for logic design written by Svoboda;
the Marquand Map and the Triadic Map (Triadic Graphical Calculus)
White Minimal Test Sequence

Yes - I write fiction too!

Jettison Cover

a WhitePubs® Book

Science Fiction

[Done with QuarkXpress]

Teaching Bit-Slice at AMD - 1980

Meet Grace - and Suky - who run my house

January 2019

Donnamaie E. White, PhD
CEO and President
WhitePubs Enterprises, Inc.

"An Engineer Who Writes" - "Technical Writing Services for the Silicon Valley"

Reload: Logic Design for Array-Based Circuits eBook on-line Free to Reader


Book #10 in the Hot Cop Romance Series

An independent woman

    A disciplined cop

An undeniable attraction

The steamy romance that Fabio has been told not to read!

Draco Lanzoni offers a stranger sanctuary in a Nor'easter and then discovers she is the lifemate he has longed for. Until the storm stops, he cannot make her his.

But the blizzard is not the only threat.

The storm hides an enemy that is determined take both their lives.

Look what I found in a box in the garage ...

A Microprogrammed 16-Bit Computer (1976)

The runaway cover.....all fixed

AMDASM Reference Manual (originally released in 1977)

From time to time I get questions about the AMD Am2900 technology. Looking for references. Asking about it. I have a lot of pieces of information on this site. The Bit-Slice Design textbook has been re-released in Canada (University class) and is coming to POD (print on demand). SInce it describes the design process for the Am2900 series, specifically the Am2910 and Am2901, and since many of the Am2900 parts exist as soft IP and have for years (meaning they are still built into today's designs - the part family that wouldn't die), I have received from time to time requests for anything on AMDASM - the meta-assembler from AMD used to write the microcode for the Am2900-based designs.

Well, in cleaning the office (I have stuff back to the 60s while trying to downsize) I stumbled over the reference manual. I re-typed it. Removed the blatant sexism (this was 1977 after all). And have it up. Unproofed (It was late at night) but I will get to that. Let me know if you spot anything. (email to the left) Click on the AMDASM cover to download the PDF file. Second book not available yet. (2017)


Already heard back to one of the students who had asked me about this recently.

AMDASM Manual Added for reference

Someone scanned and added Chapter 8 to the Am2900 Family Data Book (Collection of Ap Notes) - find it here. Also uploaded Chapter 9 in 2-page layout to accommodate the fold out artwork.

"An Engineer Who Writes" - "Technical Writing Services for the Silicon Valley"

Datasheets, product speicifications, user manuals, databooks, register files, methodology, Design Guides, technical training, eLearning, website Sharepoint user support, and content development.

My technical writing services are available by contract only - telecommute or in San Diego.

Keywords: Technical Content Development - Technical Trainer - eLearning - ASIC Design Flow Methodologies (RTL to Wafer Verification) - SoC - Project Management - Software/Hardware team management - Instructional design - Adult Learning Theory - Manager/Lead/Senior Technical Writer - Content management - documentation control - SharePoint2010 - SecureMedia - Documentum - Office2011/2010/ 2007/2008 - FrameMakerX - Adobe Creative Suite CS6 - Acrobat X PRO - VISIO 2010

Last Position: Vendor to SanDisk Corporation: Manager, ESS Technical Documentation Feb 2012 - Sept 2013 . Register Documentation, IP Specifications, Product Specifications.

Previous Position: Vendor to SanDisk Corporation: Manager, ASIC Technical Documentation 2006-2012 (6 1/2 years) (User Manuals, Controller Data Sheets); quality control (documentation), Some Technical training, Implement Web sites (on SharePoint) and permissions management. Also work on Process Improvement and ISO9000. I have also supported the Verification Testing Department (verification testing requirements) and NAND department (firmware user manual).

Extra-curricular: Editor, monthly newsletter for Silicon Valley Romance Writers of America www.svrwa.com; 4 years, President; 2 years. Also served as a judge for various writing contests.
Writing books, web articles and stories.
: Fabio's websites (yes - that Fabio).


  • Many on-line videos from Microsoft (SharePooint and the OFFICE products
  • InDesign
  • QuarkXpress
  • Coding Theory
  • Advanced Unstructured FrameMaker : Template Design
  • FLASH Training - FLASH Animation for eLearning for Advanced Chip Synthesis and Introduction to Static Timing Analysis
  • Chip Architect, Physical Compiler, PrimeTime,Synopsys 2001 Update Training (Design Compiler et al) , Design Vision, Chip Synthesis, Advanced Chip Synthesis, TetraMax, Dreamweaver
  • Professional Certificate in Marketing Communications , UCSD
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, UCLA
  • Master's degree in Engineering (MSEE in Information Theory),UCLA
  • BSEE (Electrical Engineering), University of Hartford, Connecticut
  • ASE (Electrical Engineering), University of Hartford, Connecticut

I am on Linked IN - LinkedIn - for Donnamaie - http://www.linkedin.com/in/donnamaiewhite

And Facebook - FaceBook for Donnamaie

- also host the Official Fabio International Fan Club FB page

LinkedIn seems the best to hook up professionally (High-tech central)

Textbooks by D. E. White: (hardcover and eBooks) Published pre-2005

Humor in the workplace:

Stalked by Analog Design from Computer Design ; (Also see the Longer Version)

New Book - PowerPoint Slide Set with a Word Doc providing the Notes.
Both in PDF.

ILT to eLearning Conversion Guide (PPT Slides in PDF)

ILT to eLearning Conversion Guide (Word doc of the slides and notes in PDF)

Documenting the Methodology for Repurposing an Instructor-Led Workshop for eLearning Delivery

ILT to eLearning Conversion Guide documents the actual conversion process (in PowerPoint Note format) used by an EDA firm. It is a quick look at all the bits and pieces to convert a technical training workshop, instructor-led, to a self-paced, full scale eLearning package supported by a third-party LCMS (Learning Content Management System).


Introduction to Bit-Slice Design: Controllers and Sequencers Being re-placed with distributor - needs reformatting

Advanced Logical Circuit Design Techniques NEW (co-authored with A. Svoboda), originally published by Garland STPM press.

This PDF is partially re-created - the rest scanned. It is a 21MB PDF file. Individual Chapters are below. Some are re-type - APL and all. Tricky on an iMac. Some have art re-drawn. Some are full scans. Book originally done with a typewriter on galley sheets with pasted up code samples, inked illustration.



Effective Presentations / Effective Training / Effective Workshops (in PowerPoint Note format) is a one-day seminar with self-study questions embedded that introduces and shows how adult learning theory can be incorporated into [technical] training presentations and workshops, and even presentations.

Effective Training


Did you know----

An estimated 109,500 people in the United States will be diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma this year. New cases of leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma account for 8.6 percent of the 1,268,000 new cancer cases diagnosed in the United States in 2001. The total estimated number of blood-related cancers has increased only slightly for each of the past three years. Every five minutes, someone in the United States learns that they have leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma, more than 300 people a day.

Leukemia - Through a Mother's Eyes - stories from the ordeal

The cure rate is not 100%.

Johnathan Wellington White
September 12, 1981 - February 25, 2005
Eagle Scout with a Palm
Multi-Media Artist
Of complications from Chemotherapy from AML Leukemia
Never Forget

Summer - Queen of the House - when the beagles allow it


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