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From Donnamaie's Desk - 2020

Here is 2020 December 14, 2019


From Donnamaie's Desk - 2019

I Write Because I Must December 10, 2019

The Traveling PJS are Back and here comes the storm of the century! November 27, 2019

The Exploding Pie The ritual holiday posting My most perfect pie (2015) (listed below too in case you missed it.)

Ever lose your KEYS? Canceled dr apt to next week November 12, 2019

A Son on chemo and just out of a coma - 9/11 Revisiting 9/11 October, 2019

Jury Duty for Johnathan - Right I had to get this back out - jury duty notice for a dead man October 2019 (From 2005)

Tuesday Morning Coming Down I so need a one-story house and yard...February 5, 2019

Thomas and Summer needed a Nail Trim but first I have to catch them January 18, 2019

The Famous Orange Robe It appears in some of my cop stories January 14, 2019

From Adventures in Stalking Fabio - 2018

The Fabio Mouse Pad From the Book.....

The hilarious short Essay - The Calendar You Gotta Read This One! (1994) Last Edit 1998. This story appears in the Collection "Adventures in Stalking Fabio" TBP

From The Naked Housewife - 2018

The Naked Housewife - How to Shave a Man From the Book..... September 3, 2018

The Naked Housewife- Woke Up From the book...September 1, 2018

REISSUE FROM 2001: The Naked Housewife™ - Naked in the Kitchen. And the resulting adventures. June 22, 2018

From Donnamaie's Desk - 2018

How My Beagles Have Me Trained November 13, 2018

Cancer Update - Surgery the 6th Final diagnosis is closer September 3, 2018

Must Find Team Meet the team on Tuesday - decide what to do August 4, 2018

What People Are Saying (by no means all of the comments. Basically - the flags have run up the pole.) August 4, 2018

What you do after they tell you your biopsy is positive. All. Three. Samples. August 3, 2018

The Biopsy I failed the mamaogram - twice - and the ultrasound. So next step - Biopsy. July 31, 2018

Prelude Taking care of my health started in December December - August 4, 2018

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer - 2018

The Hot SWAT Cover How I chose the cover for my first Hot Cop Romance book...July 4, 2018

The Naked Housewife™ - Christmas Rules Since they will have decorations up in July...June 23, 2018

The Naked Housewife™ and the Garbage Day Oooops! ...June 23, 2018

The Naked Housewife™ - There are Rules And you would be surprized how often they get broken... June 22, 2018

REISSUE FROM 2001: The Naked Housewife™ - Naked in the Kitchen. And the resulting adventures. June 22, 2018

The Italian Vampire is now on Amazon. First steps. POD Print version coming. ...March 31, 2018.

When Do You Get Rid of a BRA? Sometimes we hang on too long... March 27, 2018

Thomas in the Morning As my big male rescue cat watches me leave the bedroom.... March 25, 2018

Evolution of a Blog How a blog survives decades and the evolution of Social Media - or did it? ...March 23, 2018

6:45AM - I woke up and something was beepingbad way to wake up! ...March 15, 2018

My Failed Grad School Term Paper In the end, I was right ...February 20, 2018

How I Fell In Love with Controllers That incredible reactor control room ...February 20, 2018

Chicken Pox - Shingles - Bell's Palsy Dear Lord I did not need this! ...February 14, 2018

CreateSpace Should Provide a Human Mentor to Hold my Hand! Someone to pat me on the head and tell me it's OK. It will be better in the morning. ...February 20, 2018

From Donnamaie's Desk - 2017

December Newsletter 2017 WhitePubs Newsletter About Caliente Morgan, Lady Morgan, and Donnamaie White pen names - December 2017 (PDF)

Behavior Rules for Men – applies anywhere not just the office December 27, 2017

T'was the Night Before Christmas from 2007 My annual post December 24, 2017

Monday Morning - Dogs to the Vet December 2, 2017

You need to Maintain your Makeup Skills after Retirement Sept 7, 2017

July Newsletter 2017 WhitePubs Newsletter About Caliente Morgan, Lady Morgan, and Donnamaie White pen names - July 2017 (PDF)

Hardware-Software Updates for the two Macs. How to go insane. July 2017

I Cleaned the Lower Bathroom - You Know the One The tiny little one that you do everything in... July 11, 2017

Retired Mother's Morning ...I thought it would get easier.... June, 2017

The Tragedy of Short-Term Memory Erosion My brain helps me out ...JUne 4, 2017

When You Forget to Actually Drive the Truck ...Panic in the garage . May 31, 2017

My iMac Reset (Rebooted) Itself, Again.....Evidently some piece of software is annoying the OS - Lovely. May 24, 2017

When Your Credit Card is Hacked What a crappy way to start the day! May 24, 12017

Cat Vet Day A big deal because Thomas is gaining weight! And Summer is getting old. And I can no longer handle the cat and dogs both together! And neither cat likes vet days. May 22, 2017

April Newsletter 2017 WhitePubs Newsletter About Caliente Morgan, Lady Morgan, and Donnamaie White pen names - April 2017 (PDF)

Why Do I Use Flowers? (Most of the Time) Because - I have a garden. April 22, 2017

Dog Collar Problems? Fingers Not Strong Enough? Here's a quick fix! April 18, 2017

To Pen Name or Not to Pen Name, You decide! March 16, 2017

Furry Alarm or how a long-haired, male, 4-yr old cat found his new home. Meet Sir Thomas,
aka, Thumper - March 15, 2017

From Donnamaie's Desk - 2016

Fallout - Bye Bye Advertisers November 3, 2016

A retired cop going to speak ….So of course I decide to go - 3:30 - 5:30May 14, 2016

Carb-Free Omelet easy-breezy stir and cook omelet - serves 3-4 . April 29, 2016.

Golden Underwear a revist to an old tale - that keeps on giving April 15, 2016

It's Midnight - minus 8 minutes and ----  I Killed My Kindle March 9, 2016

Fabio's Wild Encounter in a Supermarket - something about a banana People.com Dec 29, 2015

From Donnamaie's Desk - 2015

The Exploding Pie - it comes back every year........ from 2006 - and yes - my son mentioned it again!

Things your mother never explained - or - What the Hell happened to my hair? Dec 18, 2015

BISAC Subject Codes - Or How Does Anyone Find my Book? Because I actually finally published my books. Nov 1, 2015

My Hidden Sugar and Carbs - Exposed - Or How to Sabotage Your Diet Sept. 9, 2015 If you are trying to lose weight - read this!

California Water Restrictions, Comment On We have reached a crisis. Try doing what I do and let's survive this unreal drought! With a sense of humor of course. April 1, 2015

Funny noises in the kitchen - which I was ignoring...... You should never ignore funny noises coming from your appliances! March 3, 2015

eBOOK ASSEMBLY - you wrote a book, now what is all the other crap you have to put with it before you format it and release it? It seems to be a well-guarded secret. A little detective work can help. Here's what I found. March 2015

    Note: eBooks open on the first word in the book and when I read the last word I go straight to the library. I miss all these additional pages unless I deliberately go looking for them. Doesn't matter if they are in the front (ahead of the manuscript) or in the back. Bettcha you do that too.

The contractors are reduced to occasional interruptions. The $35K + kitchen is PERFECTION.

Women of a Certain Age From 2000

Women over 50 - What not to wear - WTF? Someone making rules again??? They are still trying to control what I wear. 2015

From Donnamaie's Desk - 2014

2014: Shoveling out from under the move. Adjusting to my new schedules. I have been writing - but posting on facebook and email. Need to fall back and regroup.

Twas the Night before Christmas at My House
a Poem by Clement Moore; Comments by Donnamaie

You Know you are a Mac Addict When . . . Published (some of them) in MacAddict Magazine. From 1998 - which make it even more interesting.

Older Stories

A lot of my older stories are going to be published in collections. Here's some of my favorites.

The hilarious short Essay - The Calendar You Gotta Read This One! (1994) Last Edit 1998. This story appears in the Collection "Adventures in Stalking Fabio" TBP

Working Mother's Morning How a working single mom manages to get to work. This story appears in the Collection of the same name: "Working Mother's Morning" TBP

Men Don't Get the Attraction of the Vampire Lover And why women do. (2012)


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