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Q5000 Series Bipolar Arrays


October 2009


AMCC discontinued its Array Business Unit January 1995. [ASIC - Application-Specific Integrated Circuit; not to be confused with today's arrays.]

However, as the chips age, people are trying to understand how they work so they can design a replacement. The seminar and the user manual did not contain any base-die (process) information. Everything discussed involved the two-layer metalization.

The textbook on the left is a summary of the information contained in the user's manual, Vol I and Vol II, and the classroom lecture notes. Here are the references.

The Bipolar Array Series were: Q700, Q1500, Q3500, Q5000 and Q20000.

Q5000 Rapid Reference and Quickstart (809) Fast Summary of the Q5000 Bipolar Array Series Design Specifications (Approximately issued in the late 1980s)

Q5000 Bipolar Array Series Design Manual - Vol I - User's Manual for the Q5000 Array Series (809)

Q5000 Design Manual Text (804) Sections 1-5

Q5000 Bipolar Array Series - Macro Library (804) Section 6

Q5000 Macro Library Quicksheets (809) Section 7 The Q5000 Series array maxed at 5,000 equivalent gates.

Q3500 Datasheet - looking for one

Q1500 Datasheet -

Q700 Series Discussion - 1983 article

Q700 Datasheet - Looking for one

Aray Design Seminar

Q3500 High-Performance Logic Array Design Seminar (pre-edif, pre-Design Compiler, pre-RTL, etc.)

This seminar or a version of it ran from the 1984 (Q700 Bipolar) thru 1995 (Q20000 Bipolar), and covered the BiCMOS series arrays and the CMOS arrays. 85% of the design rules remained fixed regardless of the technology. This seminar had some information on the Q700 and Q1500 Bipolar arrays as well.

These ApNotes were part of the Seminar






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