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Bit-Slice Design: Controllers and ALUs

Garland STPM Press
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AMD 2900 Family Bible - supports current IP

Intro to Bit Slice

Lecture Monograph updated (pending release)

AMDASM Manual Added



A   Microprogrammed 16-Bit Computer (1976)

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Sept 2015



AMD Am2900 Family Databook - 1995 - Bitsavers' PDF Document Archive (30MB) - On-Line at Bit Savers
(Link at bottom of that page) Document will open, downloads

These Ap Notes came out in the book by Mick & Brick:




Chapter 8 (Hex-29) scanned in Germany and sent to me. HEX-29 was the demo computer.

Chapter 9 is in 2-page format due to the size of the fold out artwork


  You can occasionally find one floating aorund on used book sites.          

Wikipedia - Am2900

Bit Savers has the 1985 version of the ED2900A Seminar on-line (link at Wikipedia)

Excerpts from the 1980 National Ad Campaign

Photos of the Am2901 Chips: http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/2901/


ED2900A Introduction to the Am2900 Family - Esp Am2910 and Am2901 and Am2903; multiple application notes; Microprogramming Guide; Study Guide; Microprogramming Card; informal application notes handed out in the class. The best-selling Bit-Slice Design textbook to the left was based on the ED2900A Seminar.

ED2900B Microprogrammable Computer Architecture - Seminar note set and study guide (not uploaded yet) Follows the ED2900A Seminar and includes the Am2904 Glue; introduction the Am29116. Original version focused on the introduction to microprogrammable architecture - where one field in a microword controlled what another field (or fields) in the microword did in any given cycle. This is common today - but not in 1980.

ED29116 (Am29116) Super Slice 16-Bit CPU - Seminar Note set, Study guide and datasheet (1980 version) 16-bit CPU

AMDASM User's Manual (part of the EDSYS29 Seminar Manual)

EDSYS29 Development System Workshop Training

ED29203 Am29203 Family NEW! - Seminar note set and the ED29203 Exercises and Lab (1989)

A note on vintage material - the seminars were written before the creation of WORD, laser-printers, or any of the tools so readily available today. The pages were copied, assembled (punched pages jam a copier) and then scanned to PDF in sections. They are pretty much as they were. We had two fonts - Impact and Courier. Impact printers (Daisywheel or the Spinwriter), and no drawing tools. There was no sp el-check (we had a 3rd party tool that tried). [It was first written in 1979.] We added illustrations with typing or we copied from data books and pasted them onto the camera-ready copy. White tape, glue and white-out were standard tools.

The formal ap notes were actually type-set and the drawings done by an illustrator. We laugh today - when FrameMaker, QuarkXpress, InDesign, Illustrator, screen-capture, file-transfer, VISIO, Photoshop and PDF are available and printing is done in color or B&W with a laser printer we have to constantly tell IT to tone down - we don't need 1200dpi!


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