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October 2015

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Powered by Apple in Fremont, Ca and San Diego, CA August 2005 - ongoing - Bit-Slice Design: Sequencers, Controllers, ALUs and Microcode; eBook; Bit-Slice Design: Controllers; ILT to eLearning Conversion; Register documents, Engineering Specifications; User Manuals, Application Notes; Print and ePub. Retired from high-tech work after 50 years.

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Romance short stories, novellas, and novels.
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SanDisk in Milpitas April 3, 2006 - September 20, 2013. ASIC Technical Publications Manager (2006 - 2012) ESS Technical Publications Manager (2012-2013) Working on document control, Process Improvement, Technical documents, and other related process issues. Independent Contractor. Became an approved SanDIsk Vendor in 2007. Worked in various other departments. Currently in ESS (2/2012 - 9/2013).

Supported ASIC with SharePoint design site support and worked on ISO 900x process documentation, including several ISO reviews.

Synopsis in Milpitas 1997-1999 Manager for CBA Technical Training Wrote training nad developed a internal training website for CBA-based arrays,1999 - 2002 Technical training - Lead Developer -Chip Synthesis and Advanced Chip Synthesis Specialized in Design Compiler and PrimeTime.

IMP in San Jose 1995 - 1997 Manager, Created material including Aplication notes; datasheets; created their first website; Supported the Analog ASIC project ; marketing support

AMCC in San DIego April 1984 - Jan 1995 Director of Customer Training Bipolar arrays, B2CMOS arrays; CMOS arrays; Schematic capture workstations including Daisy Logician; Created the ASIC design flow; authored the User Manuals for the Q700, Q1500, Q3500, Q5000, Bipolar Arrays; B2CMOS design manuals; Specified the first ERC/DRC rule checking for ASICs (Became a leading tool for users. Features are in today's software) Ran training classes up until January 1995 when AMCC dropped ASIC as a product line.

Donnamaie completed a Professional Certificate in Marketing Communications from UCSD and obtained her Ph.D. in Computer Science and Master's degree in Engineering (MSEE) from UCLA.

She has 30 years experience as a Technical Trainer, building and running departments for leading high-tech companies.

She has authored over 40 technical papers and dozens of technical seminars and user manuals on CAD modeling, fault detection, Boolean logic, bit-slice design, structured microprogramming, ASIC design and EDA-ASIC design flow methodologies. She is the past designer/developer and webmaster of the IMP web site, the SIARC CBA on-line training website and an ASIC intranet site at AMCC. She also is the author of the following hard-cover texts:

  • Bit-Slice Design: Controllers and ALUs, published by Garland STPM press, 1981.  Out of Print. Out of print but used copies show up at
    See this book on-line at! 2 chapters online there now

  • Advanced Logical Circuit Design Techniques (co-authored with A. Svoboda), published by Garland STPM press. Out of Print. Out of print but used copies show up at Can be downloaded in PDF. Send email.

  • ILT to eLearning Conversion Guide

  • Introduction to Bit-Slice Design: Controllers and Sequencers

  • Effective Presentations / Effective Training / Effective Workshops

    Dr. White is currently the webmaster for a number of websites, including the Fabio International Fan Club. She is the author of the science-fiction romance novel Jettison and was the editor of the Silicon Valley Romance Writer's of America chapter newsletter for 4 years and the president of the group for 2 years.

  • She served 15 years in the Boy Scouts of America and both Den Mother and Assistant Scout Master and High Adventure leader. Both her sons earned the Eagle. She has the Curved Bar from GSA (equivalent to the BSA Eagle).

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