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Bit-Slice Design: Controllers and ALUs

Garland STPM Press
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AMD 2900 Family Bible - supports current IP

Intro to Bit Slice

Lecture Monograph updated








April 2009

Including the AMDASM User Manual


AMD Am2900 Family Databook - 1995 - Bitsavers' PDF Document Archive (30MB) - On-Line at Bit Savers
(Link at bottom of that page) Document will open, downloads

Wikipedia - Am2900

THe SYS29 was the development system for the Am2900 Family. THe Seminar ran AFTER he ED2900A seminar, and before the ED2900B seminar. The Trace29 document has not been located - it ran after the ED2900Bc workshop and finished off the 10 day series. The EDSYS29 included the formal AMDASM User Manual.

EDSYS29 (without AMDASM Manual) 3.75MB PDF

AMDASM User Manual 5.19 MB

EDSYS29 Complete 8.95MB PDF (both documents together)


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