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1980 - AMD National Ad Campaign for My Training Center


There's a cute story behind this. We started with me in glasses, with a jacket and scarf. Little by little they were removing things. We never even tried filming the mike I usually had clipped on. They had about reached my patience level.

Since we couldn't film the overhead projector image (not enough light and contrast), they had me scribble on the blackboard.

The audience took a couple hours to assemble. There was a blond woman (one of my secretaries as they were then called), and older man (one of my instructors) and note the black man (left side) - we had to hunt all over AMD to find him. I insisted.

There was one shot used in an ad where the blond was typing the the man (yet another of my instructors) was holding the notebook and looking on. I insisted about that one too. This was 1980. Sexism was rampant. You do what you can-------

Took about 6 hours or so for the shoot - they got a lot of miles out of it. (Cost was $800. Not that shabby.) Photos were in the databook, in ads, and in printed handout material we used for more than a year. This was the age of paper handouts and foil (cell, acetate) overheads. If I had been handed PowerPoint (or even better - Persuasion) and an Infocus projector, I would have died and gone to heaven.

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