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Bit-Slice Design: Controllers and ALUs

Garland STPM Press
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AMD 2900 Family Bible - supports current IP

Intro to Bit Slice

Lecture Monograph updated (soon)


AMD Am2900 Family Databook - 1995 - Bitsavers' PDF Document Archive (30MB) - On-Line at Bit Savers
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April 2009


ED2900B Microprogrammable Compuer Architecture Seminar -
circa about 1980

The follow-on seminar was intense; ED2900B Microprogrammable Computer Architecture.
After Dr. White left AMD in early 1982, they dumbed-down the class so others could teach it.
(Rather hilarious.) This is the original. (This will be put on shortly - we are just getting set up)



The ED2900A and ED2900B Seminars used a common Study Guide/Teacher's Manual:


This is 7.5MB PDF - Acrobat 7 at least - about 124 pages - 1.5MB - Downloads (blank pages removed)

Am29116 Study Guide - Used in the ED2900B Seminar (couple pages need re-scan)
Authors listed (1980)




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