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Catching Up- the Covid Virus, and Breast Cancer

Date:December 16, 2020

There are so many things going on.
I have had two cancer surgeries - left me without energy. Add a series if radiation treatments. Also left me without energy. And then the virus. I have been practicing all that they suggested, Have two sets of masks.

I put out ONE eBOOK during this madness.

I am behind on three books - copy edit review.

I just wrote an 18K story. Book needs a cover.

No one knows I have 18 eBooks Amazon! Crickets.

I have not gone wide (intend to).

I have not gone to POD print - I think I will go to D2D (Intend to).

I have not done any promo (Intend to)

I am in the ancient (turning 79 shortly) vulnerable (the cancer) targets of the virus.

I drove to Ventura (127 miles each way) to do 2 lines on a TV show. (I had hoped I could promote my latest book.) GUESS WHAT? NO RESTROOMS ON THE ROAD! I created a "diaper" from three leakage pads - fortunately I made the trip without a test of that...

They took me off Estrogen and my body fell apart. I want the Estrogen back!

No kidding.

Estrogen did not cause the cancer (stage 1) - this was the second tumor.

  • 1950 --- Exposed to active Radium in the grand experiment of using Radium to shrink a child's adnoids - my mother had lied and said I was my step-fathers child to get me qualified. My father had said no. She ignored it. THe radium was on control rods and shoved up my nose.

  • 1969 --- Diagnosed with a tumor on my thyroid

  • 1970 --- Tumor removed and listed as benign

    (dates a little vague)

  • 2018 --- Tumor removed - Stage One left breast

  • 2019 --- Radiation treatments

  • 2020 --- Exploratory surgery - right breast - benign - dense tissue

    I cannot walk more than 1 mile - was walking 2-4 miles daily with dogs - stopped

    I have not worked out in a gym. We can't!

    I thru out my right knee - lovely.

    I am 500 miles away from my hip replacement doctor. Due for a check up. How?

    I want my life back!

    I haven't seen my son in person for 2 years

    I am bouncing off the wall.

    I need to write. Write. Write.





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