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Date: July 2017

Need New Software (skip if you aren’t a techie)  

I found some great software to use to update my websites, including the Fabio Fan Club sites. Only problem, it requires OpSys 10.11.y and I am on 10.10.x. Because I have a ton (read that as $$$$$$) of professional software left from my previous career – and USE IT, I need to add back up.

I bought two Seagate drives, 4T (terabytes—and they are tiny!)  Only problem, they needed to be reformatted.

My older Seagate was properly formatted on arrival. Gag. I called Chuck’s Technical Services. (My son—500 miles north of me—who will demand some form of payment—eventually.) He logged into my iMac (freaking unnerving if he doesn’t warn me first) and fixed both the drive for the iMac and the drive for the MacBook (temporarily plugged into the iMac so he could see it.)  YEA! Both systems now backed up (full recovery if a drive crashes). [Yes, I could have figured it out but I hate doing anything with networks—that’s HIS thing!]


Two Timeshare drives now loaded for the iMac. USB expansion is now full – need another one. Same for MacBook.


OpSys Install on the Macbook

I will install the new OpSys on the MacBook first and buy the first copy of the software for the web—RapidWeaver – software for the MacBook. Wish me luck!

And then I got a surprise! I told the MacBook to install updates. It didn’t install 10.11.y —it installed 10.12.5 Sierra—fortunately the vocal side takes a set up and I didn’t give it one!


So I bought RapidWeaver for the MacBook, but, wait for it, can’t possibly be this easy. Not if I am involved.

My bank declined the card—which I tried 3 times with the same result because that is immediately what you do. Now—this card has been hacked—twice. It has a rather strong password, now anyway. I called the bank. This is a business card. I get through to the people whose job is to be sure businesses are happy. Even if I am a one-woman show.

Turns out, and I had forgotten, that RapidWeaver is not a USA company. England. Out of the country. They had flagged it. After a zillion questions—which I had not set up but I managed to stumble through—my card is OK. I now have my software—on the MacBook. I have the 84-page user manual. They have a website full of tutorials.
Description: Beagle:Users:dew:Desktop:Desktop Images etc.:rapidweaver.jpg

Next step is the OpSys Install on the iMAC

I managed to update the iMAC without any more flames.

Basically—if I install, and the Adobe and other software fails—I can restore the system to the older OpSys. Here’s hoping.

The software updated (the OS went from 10.10 to 10.12 - I was little behind)

The major packages run. GOOD!

I lost: Snagit - had to update it and ---I didn;t like it. THen I discovered shift-option-4 (on my tented keyboard) - I can directly do a partial or full screen grab - no software needed. Produced a pgn file right on the desktop. Faster and better.

I lost: Messenger used to allow you to do a video preview and take a photo. I have used that a LOT. I have PhotoBooth - no near as convienient and useable. Boo! So headshots are going to be difficult.

Those are the big things.

Longtime - both Mircosoft and Adobe need replacing. Not with updates. With other software. Those companies need toi loose business. Monthly fees for using the software is just a means of ripping off the customer.


So I am starting to look for replacements. My Framemaker files can dump to Word (for now).

Looking at eDRAW and a logical circuit library to replace VISIO. eDRAW runs on the MAC as well as the PC.

Framemaker USED to run on the Mac. DUMB MOVE to take it off! Been years (over a decade) - I am still mad.

RapidWeaver for the Base Station

I now need to buy a new copy of RapidWeaver for the iMAC and go to classes (videos) and master this new beast!





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